Mom Gives Birth To Twins, Then Notices That Both Of Her Daughter’s Legs Are Strangely Swollen

Mom Gives Birth To Twins, Then Notices That Both Of Her Daughter’s Legs Are Strangely Swollen

They say that twins are twice the fun. When Chris and Adrienne Blankenship were about to welcome their twins into the world, everything seemed so right. Then they quickly learned that something was off with one of their babies.

The couple was expecting a girl and a boy. They soon discovered that the baby girl, whom they’d named Emmaleigh, had feet that resembled hands.


Adrienne recalled her disbelief in a video posted on April 20, 2015. In the clip, she says: “Maybe they’re wrong. You know, maybe this isn’t what we see.”


Without a picture or an ultrasound to take home with them, the Blankenships just had to wait for the birth of their babies to see what was really going on.

Sure enough, Emmaleigh was born just as her parents had seen her: the digits of her feet were long, and she had extra toes.

Adrienne felt guilty, saying, “I had a cold that transferred down to the fetus when I was pregnant. The guilt was a little hard on that one.”

Nothing had really changed for a while, so the Blankenships just accepted that their beautiful daughter had special feet.

Suddenly, things took a turn for the worse for Emmaleigh when the twins were around 28 weeks old.

The baby girl started putting on extra weight and developed soft-tissue tumors in her legs, stomach, and rear end. Her parents took her to a doctor who suspected that Emmaleigh had Proteus syndrome, a rare overgrowth disorder. However, when her information was sent to a special facility, that scary diagnosis was ruled out.

“We knew that this was something we were going to have to put a little bit more effort in to try to figure out what happened,” Adrienne explained.

The Blankenships sent Emmaleigh’s records to a doctor in Boston, whose mind quickly went to a specific disorder. The couple brought their daughter to the Boston-based doctor, where she received an official diagnosis of CLOVES syndrome, a rare overgrowth of tissues and vascular anomalies.

Now that Emmaleigh and her family understand what her true condition is, we hope that she will be able to manage it and live a healthy life, just like any other kid.

Check out her progress in this follow-up video!

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